Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Inside Top of World Trade Center on 9/9/2001 before attack

Wow.  Nothing too exciting but just watching the vid and imagining what was about to take place in the next 48 hours, was kind of creepy.

We were in NYC for the MTV Music awards, and the Michael Jackson TV special (at MSG). We left a couple hours after this was shot on 9/9/2001. Scary to think that less than 48 hours later- this wasn't there anymore, and all of our lives changed. Kinda surreal to see people enjoying boating and the last days of Summer below. Everything is so calm. I shot this while eating lunch with my wife at the Windows on the World restaurant in the North Tower. PROOF that this was on 9/9/01!!! http://superboat.com/2011/03/superboat-tribute-to-9-11-new-york-grand-prix-2001/ That is the boat race happening in the harbor on 9/9/01. You can see that in the footage.


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