Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Woman dragged off a Delta Flight (like a ragdoll)...

So much drama in the skies lately. According to the uploader's website, a woman was dragged off Delta flight 2083 from Detroit to San Diego on December 12th, 2016 due to inappropriate check-in procedures...
“She didn’t check in with gate agent and walked right on. [The] woman blew by gate agent and didn’t check in because she wasn’t an early boarder and deserved overhead bin space. Colleague in back by her said she was mouthy and had a huge attitude. Police tackled her out of her seat and brought her to the ground. Not sure how she was subdued, some people speculated a taser.”

Rene deLambert

The woman was taken into custody following the incident.

“At approximately 8 this morning, Delta Air Lines contacted Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s police department requesting assistance with a passenger who would not comply with boarding and baggage check procedures at a McNamara Terminal gate,” Delta’s Erica Donerson said in a statement emailed to local station WWJ Newsradio 950. 
“When officers arrived, Delta Air Lines stated the woman could not remain on board. Despite repeated requests by officers, the woman refused to leave the aircraft and had to be removed. She was arrested and charges are pending.” 
- news.com.au/ "Woman dragged off plane like a ragdoll"

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