Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lonely (and Ultra-rare) ‘lefty’ snail seeks mate for love – and genetic study

Actually, his name is Jeremy. Jeremy the snail is looking for love. We've read the potential partner can be sent from Canada also but they'd prefer if you send a photo first since one of the things they're seeing is that people get really confused about left and right and how to identify them. It would be best to email or tweet them a photo...

Scientists at The University of Nottingham hoping to study the genetics of an ultra-rare garden snail are asking the public for its help in finding the lonely mollusc a mate.
The snail’s unique qualities make it a one in a million find - but also impossible for it to mate with its more common counterparts. 
At first glance, the brown garden snail may look like any other but closer inspection of the snail’s shell reveals exactly why this creature is so special. 
While the shells of this common species spiral in a right-handed, clockwise direction – known as dextral – the Nottingham snail is a sinistral, with a left-handed anti-clockwise spiralling shell. In essence, the ‘lefty’ snail is a mirror image of its other shell-dwelling friends.

University of Nottingham

Davison is asking people to be on the look out for lefty snails. "This is something which everyone can get involved with and which you can easily do on your own doorstep. It is an example of citizen science at its best. There is a chance, because it is such a rare thing, that anyone who can find and identify another of these sinistral snails may even find themselves named as a contributor on a research paper we publish in the future as a result of this." 
Anyone who finds a mate for Jeremy is asked to send pictures of it to angus.davison@nottingham.ac.uk or tweet it with the hashtag #snaillove.

Source: cbc

Find Jeremy the 'lefty' snail a mate | BBC News

Find Jeremy the 'lefty' snail a mate.
A rare garden snail with an anticlockwise shell - a "lefty" - has been discovered in London. It's an exciting discovery but sadly for "Jeremy", he can only mate with another unique lefty.


Thinnest Shavings You Have Ever Seen - Japanese Woodworking (3 Videos)

How thin can you go? Real thin. The uploader recommended a second video explaining the importance of wood planer fine tuning so we've added that one also!...

Fast Fact: There's a unique wood planing competition held every year in Japan? (see final video)
The competition test competitors' skills by seeing who can shave off the thinnest piece of wood possible.
It seems pushing the limits of one’s abilities with their tools in Japan is not only entertaining - but quite impressive!

In November 2012 the wood planing competition was held in the port city of Uwajima, on the island of Shikoku, and the thinnest shaving was only 9 microns thick. A micros is one-thousandth of a millimeter…Just to give you an idea of how impressively thin that is, the average human hair is 100 microns across, a cloud water droplet is 10 microns in diameter, and a human blood cell measures 8-9 microns. Even more incredible is the fact that the record for the thinnest shaving currently stands at 3 microns.

I Am Stankoff

Monday, October 24, 2016

Amazing baby! 4-year-old Bella from Moscow easily speaks 7 languages

4-years-old??? Unbelievable! She can not only speak 7 languages but appears to be able to read some of them too! Incredible!...

One comment hinted she would make a good spy for mother Russia someday, lol...

Amazing baby! 4-year-old Bella from Moscow easily speaks Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic!

Jalil Bouries

From RT:
The wunderkind had previously appeared on the Russian talent show ‘Amazing people’, shocking the judges. One of them, Evgeny, said: “When I saw what I’ve just seen, I understood how stupid I am.”
Bella speaks languages belonging to three different groups: Indo-European (Russian, French, English, Spanish, German), Semitic (Arabic) and Sino-Tibetan (Chinese) – which in short means that they are very, very different to each other and lack structural similarities.
That doesn’t stop Bella from thinking clearly in each language, however, and she correctly answered age-appropriate questions on the show, as well as some material from the school curriculum. School starts for Russian kids at the age of seven, which for Bella is still three years away.
Bella’s mother, Yulia, said that they started teaching her Russian and English when she was only two and noticed her interest in linguistics.
Gradually they started adding more languages to her schedule, and she now studies with native speakers.
Some internet users have accused Bella’s mother of stripping the girl of her childhood, but neuropsychologist Anna Semenovich told KP Daily there was nothing to worry about.
“If the girl is learning languages through curiosity, if her parents managed to build a schedule that works as a game – it will only benefit her. She’s not studying, she’s playing!” Semenovich said.
The specialist added that it’s too early to tell whether Bella is truly a polyglot or not, because it’s natural for children to pick languages up – it’s how they evolve with age that matters.
“In pre-revolutionary Russia, if a child from a noble family couldn’t speak three-four languages by the age of five or six, it was a shame to take him out. Then in school Latin and ancient Greek were added to those. So five-six languages were a standard package for an educated youth back in 19th-century Russia,” Semenovich said.

"PRESIDENTIAL POETRY SLAM" — A Bad Lip Reading of the Second Presidential Debate

After the election is over, these guys at BLR promise to get back to more non-political stuff but we say we'll take it while we can, lol...
Donald and Hillary try to top each other's poetry while occasionally fielding questions from the audience.

Bad Lip Reading

Tom Cruise Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

James Corden and Tom Cruise act out snippets of Tom's legendary film career, with scenes from 'Top Gun' to the 'Mission: Impossible' series.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

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