Thursday, October 23, 2014

ODD French PSA Videos: No Condom? No Sex. (4 Videos)

The well-known French organization, AIDES, has been doing great awareness campaigns for numerous years now and with their latest, they are basically telling you - No condom? Then go knit! Their campaigns usually target the younger generation and the gay community but this time it's for everyone. The new campaign includes four films with accompanying print. They are named ‘Pea’, ‘Knitting’, ‘Pearls’ and ‘Puzzle’, evocative names that reveal what the long winter nights can look like….without a condom. That's all there is to it folks. No condom. No sex! It's time to get the Scrabble game out!    


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McDonalds serveren op een Foodbeurs? (Serving McDonald's at a Food Fair?)

Lol. These guys served food experts some McDonald's food pretending it was McDonald's newest organic foods at a food fair - and those 'experts' actually seemed to have liked it! This viral vid by  lifehunterstv, as over 1.5M views...

Maddie the 10 Week old Dachshund learning to ring a service bell!

Any more ringing of that bell and he'll explode! Lol. How cute! Do they all learn this fast? This dachshund is only 10 weeks old and look how fast he caught on to equating ringing bell with treats, in this viralling vid by Kirk Miller...

Sister Cristina - Like A Virgin

Great rendition! This viralling vid by sistercristinaVEVO shows nun, Sister Cristina from the Italian Voice covering Madonna's "Like A Virgin". Sing it out sister!...

Breakout star Sister Cristina Scuccia, who won The Voice of Italy in June, debuted the first track from her upcoming self-titled album via Vevo this week: a cover of Madonna's 1984 classic "Like a Virgin."
In a video for the song, the 26-year-old nun stands in the middle of a courtyard in her religious habit, singing a slowed-down version of Madge's No. 1 hit. Interspersed throughout the clip are scenic shots of Italy and close-ups of the cross she wears around her neck.

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Facts Men Can’t Handle

Men, listen up. BuzzFeedBlue says they have some facts that you can't handle, lol. Is it true?

Ultimate Backflop - The Slow Mo Guys

Those Slow Mo Guys Gav and Dan are back and this time it involves some awesome water splashes while jumping into a pool - in slow motion ...

Roy Kafri - Mayokero (Music Video)

Nice! This cool music vid by Vania Heymann, of Israeli artist, Roy Kafri singing his tune, involves some classic album covers - Bowie, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson and more - coming to life!  

Candy from the auto ice maker!

Every kid's (young and old alike) dream? A fridge's auto ice maker machine that spits out candy instead of ice? Cool! That's exactly what Deric Peace did with his fridge - just in time for Halloween. This viralling vid has over 1/2M views already!..

B1G Mascots "Shake It Off" Parody 2014

If you love mascots and Taylor Swift, then you'll most definitely love this vid by TheRealSpartyof Sparty and his band of Big Ten mascots performing their parody of "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift....

Obama, Don't Touch My Girlfriend. Mike Jones told President Obama, “don’t touch my girlfriend.”

So Obama was in Chicago on Sunday and Monday campaigning for Gov. Pat Quinn, and was helping to lead the Democratic push for early voting in Illinois, casting his ballot on the first day of early voting near his Chicago home when this incident took place. Aia Cooper was casting her vote next to Obama ((͠◉_◉᷅ )), when her fiance walked by and said "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend." Vid by Les Grossman NEW OFFICIAL CHANNEL...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beats by Dre Presents: LeBron James in ‬RE-ESTABLISHED 2014 - Powerbeats2 Wireless‬‬‬

Looking pretty buff there LeBron! This emotional viral vid by Beats by Dre was published on October 18, 2014 and it already has almost 8M views already! LeBron James, the American professional basketball player who has won numerous awards and medals, is returning to his Ohio roots and thus is the theme and inspiration for this extended advertisement for Beats by Dre headphones, released on Sunday in advance of the 2014-15 season. You can see the words "Acron Est. 1984" inked on is body...

Moving back to Cleveland in 2014 is the re-establishment of his legacy in Northern Ohio. He now embarks on the next and greatest chapter of his career.
This offseason, with Powerbeats2 Wireless, LeBron has re-established his body through intense training. He’s also re-established his legacy and connections to the community in Akron.
Powerbeats2 Wireless combines the emotion of Beats and the power of wireless to allow athletes to be free to test their limits and play as hard as they can.

Hendo Hoverboard: The World's First Hoverboard

Check out this Kickstarter campaign vid by Hendo Hover of the world's first hoverboard.. which seems to only work on metal surfaces - but it's one step closer to the future...

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s first hoverboard is here! Well, that is if you have $10,000 to spare, millions of dollars to pave your city’s streets in copper, and don’t put a high value on stability or safety.
Let me revise that first statement. If you want to experience the joy of friction-free motion in specially tailored environments (copper-lined skate parks, essentially), and have $10,000 to spare, then the world’s first hoverboard is indeed here. It’s called the Hendo — named after its inventor, Greg Henderson — and it uses the same kind of electromagnetic levitation that allows maglev trains to buzz through the countryside at 300 mph.


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