Thursday, November 27, 2014

Even Santa Poops - PooPourri.com

Let the Christmas ads begin! Like it or not, Christmas advert vids are coming out more and more everyday, so you might as well enjoy them and appreciate the work that has went into creating them. Maybe we'll make a playlist to add them all together so you can 'like' for your favourite ones? We know we have ours!

Lol. This was comical and really well done. Sure Santa, blame it on the milk and cookies! Between now and Christmas, we'll be posting a lot of Christmas related ads, because if they're viralling, we're adding. 'Tis the season! Now check out this ad by 'Poo~Pourri's  Before-You-Go Toilet Spray', because as this vid shows, even Santa is not invincible to those 'awkward' bathroom odours...  

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