Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rosetta mission: Results from comet landing: 14 Nov, 13:00 GMT

For those who are keeping up with this 'history-in-the-making' event, the latest from ESA on the Rosetta mission discussing among other things, the battery life on the lander lasting before next contact and the time for the next contact point in this hour-long vid...

Communication with the lander is slow, with signals taking more than 28 minutes to travel between Earth and Philae's mother ship, the Rosetta orbiter flying above the comet.
Even if Philae uses up all its energy, it will remain on the comet in a mode of hibernation for the coming months. The comet is on a 6 ½-year elliptical orbit around the sun, and at the moment it is getting closer. So, in theory, Philae could wake up again if the comet passes the sun in such a way that the solar panels catch more light. - cbc.ca

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