Sunday, December 7, 2014

Incredible moment- man rescues three shark pups from dead mother body on the beach of Cape Town

Whoa! Watch this incredible moment in Cape Town, South Africa, of 3 shark pups being rescued from inside of their dead mother after a lady noticed movement in the shark's belly...

Once they established that the shark was in fact pregnant, the man in the footage start cutting open the dead shark to release not one, but three live sharks from her belly.
Baby sharks, called shark pups, are born with a full set of teeth, which might explain the shark rescuer's hesitation to handle them.
Although'hatching' within their mother and staying inside them for up to two years, sharks pups quickly swim away after being born to prevent being eaten by their mothers.
Hence, it's safe to say the sharks have no disadvantage because of their beach birth as they are fully independent once born. - liveleak


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