Friday, December 12, 2014

Submarine Sandwich by PES

If you love a great animated vid and the work that goes into creating one, like we do, you'll find this next one awesome. This animated film is a trilogy of stop-motion cooking series released by director and stop-motion animator PES entitled "Submarine Sandwich". The other two of the series included "Fresh Guacamole" - the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar, and "Western Spaghetti", with 8M and 17M views respectively. We've added them too for you!! It took PES 3 years to prepare this film, which is the largest he's ever done!..

This latest film takes us into a retro deli where we witness the creation of, yes, a submarine sandwich using vintage sports memorabilia and other sliced objects that resemble food. PES has an uncanny ability to not only identify the perfect props for his films, but also sets them in motion in the most unexpected ways. Submarine Sandwich was funded through Kickstarter earlier this year. If you’re interested in some sweet stop motion animation merch, PES now has a shop where prints and props from many of his films are available for purchase. - thisiscolossal




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