Friday, January 9, 2015

Incompetent knife thrower risking his partners life on live TV

Whoa! Is this guy for real?At certain times in the vid, this knife thrower had near-misses which were too close for comfort. His partner looked like he couldn't wait till it was over! At around 1:17 he slightly cuts a finger. 
At around 1:30, he almost hits another one, and around 3 mins and 15 seconds into the vid, the partner's about 1-2 cm from possible death. Even one viewer (who seems to be some expert in the art of knife throwing), was saying the proper knife was not being used: "He's not even using proper blades, they're all just one sided. They're supposed to be double sided... Single Sided blades are more off balance because there is more metal on one side than the other, even a couple grams off balance can mean death." (Translation of the judges below vid)...


Host 1: To be honest, I did not dare to watch this performance, What do you have to say? 
Judge 1: I can say my nerves were on the edge as well. But.. we.. erm... whew... it is good you got out of this mess with both your ears and all your fingers in place. Off screen voice: so which one of them is the psycho?
Judge 1 continuing: sigh... well, ok... it is very difficult to be a judge to the things happening today on our stage. This is surely not for the softies, as perhaps we are, spoiled in the show world – playing a bit of music here, doing a bit of singing there... And here people play with sharp, er... VERY sharp objects. Thank God we had a happy ending. 
Host 1: Ok, as I understand, judges are not too eager to talk about this, so... 
Judge 2 (cut short in this video, translating from the full version): OK, I will say what I think. I understand for example that man in glasses, who I see gets a kick out of throwing knives at other people. But I can't understand you two, crazy sods (there was the other young man acting as an assistant before)... why are you doing this? What is the matter with you? Are you his sons and he has forced you? Because that young man – today he got off with just a cut to his finger (the assistant actually left by that time to get medical attention), but one day he will be slain, you will kill each other one day. I for example would be extremely happy, if you just stopped doing this for good. That would be simply the greatest of your talents! (big applause from the audience) 
Judge 3 (the woman): I just turned away and was praying... 
Host 2: My colleague here was doing exactly the same. - Vaidone Tamosiunaite

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