Saturday, February 21, 2015

25 Years of Photoshop - Dream On

It's been 25 years already?? Photoshop is celebrating their 25th year anniversary with the tool they say that has helped shape creativity (don't they know it!), so these PSDs from artists all over the world were animated layer by layer to create a film made in Photoshop. All to the tune of  Aerosmiths' 'Dream On'...

In 1987 people were rocking out to Walk Like an Egyptian, falling in love with The Princess Bride, and were just meeting the Tanner Family from Full House. It was in this pre-digital world—a world almost impossible for us to imagine now—that Thomas Knoll dreamed up and created Display, a pixel imaging program. Display was purchased by the then nascent software company Adobe, and in 1990—25 years ago—was released under a new, now famous name. “Photoshop” was born.


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