Friday, February 6, 2015

EPIC CATCH!!! Dashing Thru the Snow - CN Train 406 West at Salisbury, NB (Feb 3, 2015)

Truly epic! That's one way to clear a path in a hurry! Great capture of CN train hurdling through the snow like a boss, in New Brunswick. The show must go on! This vid has received over 2M views already!...

Canadian National Railway locomotive 2304 (ES44DC) plows through huge snow drifts and gives me a big ass snow shower as it leads the daily CN manifest train 406 West (Moncton, NB to Saint John, NB) at Salisbury, New Brunswick.
I'm not sure how the train crew can even see with all that snow on the locomotive's nose!
Southern New Brunswick was hit with three major blizzards in less than a week, and there is more snow in the forecast.

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