Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Orange Oil Can Melt Rubber!

This vid with almost 3M views shows us 30 secs of what happens when Limonene, a colourless liquid hydrocarbon, an essential oil present in orange peels, comes in contact with rubber. It's also said to be flammable as you can actually start a fire - with an orange! (See the 2nd vid)...

Fast Fact:
Limonene has many uses:
  • To promote weight loss, prevent cancer, treat cancer, and treat bronchitis.
  • In foods, beverages, and chewing gum, limonene is used as a flavoring.
  • In pharmaceuticals, limonene is added to help medicinal ointments and creams penetrate the skin.
  • In manufacturing, limonene is used as a fragrance, cleaner (solvent), and as an ingredient in water-free hand cleansers.

Info source: webmd

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