Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rowers Attacked By Flying Asian Carp 2015

They were out doing their Friday morning practice at Creve Coeur Lake, Missouri when these young rowers from Washington University in St. Louis were attacked by giant Asian Carps. Apparently this 'attack' is more of an escape mechanism when they are spooked, according to BBC. (So who's spooking who here? ;) )  Learn more about the Asian carp in the playlist below and how they can destroy the ecological system and what they are doing to to prevent this. Fascinating...

The biggest Asian carp can weigh more than 100lbs (45kg) and stretch 4ft long, explains Viv Shears, the director of VS Fisheries. "Imagine if one of those hits you," he says. "There's certainly been cases of people being knocked out of boats [or] knocked unconsciousness." - bbc

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