Tuesday, June 16, 2015

DOCS: The Girl Who Cries Blood

As usual, when it comes to these type of unexplained medical mysteries, some call it a fake others say it's for real. We really don't know what to think, all we know is 13-year-old Twinkle is a beautiful little girl who is just like any other 13-year-old in every other way and who loves acting like a tomboy around her friends...

Twinkle is a 13-year-old girl from the northern Indian city of Lucknow. She suffers from a frightening and as yet undiagnosed condition: for nearly two years, she has cried tears of blood.

Twinkle also spontaneously bleeds from her head, hands and feet.

The youngster’s Hindu neighbours and local devotees of the Goddess Kali believe she’s possessed by a restless spirit.

Others think her mysterious illness is reminiscent of ‘stigmata’: a manifestation of the wounds suffered by Christ during his final days and crucifixion. Throughout the history of the Catholic faith, just over 300 people have reportedly claimed to be stigmatics – the majority of them women.

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