Friday, June 26, 2015

Moose rider

Meanwhile, somewhere in Canada, somebody's trying to ride a moose!

The things men find to entertain themselves. This is what NOT to do with your local wildlife folks. "This moron is going to be charged with harassing wildlife," states the vid's description. B.C. conservation officials have launched an investigation because there's a law against harassing wildlife...

The video, shot from a motor boat, shows the pursuit of a moose as it crosses a shallow body of water.
A man in bathing trunks is on the bow of the boat. As the boat pulls up behind the moose, the man jumps onto its back and rides the struggling animal for 15 seconds before falling off.
David Vince, a conservation officer with the B.C. Ministry of the Environment, says there is a law against harassing wildlife and what's shown in the video is "the ultimate form of harassment."
"You can see that the moose is struggling with that fellow on her back. You can see the fright in her eyes," he told CBC News.
Vince says conservation officers believe the incident may have taken place last July on Tuchodi Lakes in Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park, although the exact location has yet to be confirmed.
He's asking anyone with information to call 1-877-952-7277. - cbc

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