Saturday, June 20, 2015

Smartscooter Intro: A Ride Like No Other

Ok folks, it's time to ditch the cars. Just the battery-swapping idea alone is grabbing our attention on this Smartscooter™ some are calling the 'Tesla of scooters' from Taiwan-based Gogoro, with a possible customizable 3,932,160+ combinations according to their site

You can select custom light patterns for your headlights and taillights...

Download sound patterns ...

Change the front panel designs and more.

It goes 0-50km/h in 4.2 seconds with a 95 km/h maximum speed, with zero harmful emissions - what more do you want? Oh, not to worry about your battery dying on you? They got that covered also with their Gogoro App. From their site:

Just find your nearest GoStation® using your Gogoro® App and pull up to the kiosk. Then pop your trunk, grab your two used batteries, place them in any empty slots in the GoStation®, and 2 new batteries will pop up - ready to swap right back into your Smartscooter™. You can be back on the road in less time than it took to read this.
We’ve seen people do it in 6 seconds. Think you can beat that time?

Under normal conditions, the Smartscooter™ can drive up to 100 km at 40 km/h with two batteries in the scooter. Watch the video then visit their site here, to learn more.

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