Saturday, June 20, 2015

Unexplained Natural Gas Eruption on Canadian Golf Course In Ontario

Now this here is something you don't see everyday at your local golf course. "At Indian Hills, it smells like propane,"says Jamie Reitknecht, the background voice in the vid. "If you look right across, right above the green, there's this haze that looks like gas." Some weird natural gas eruption occurred in a pond at Indian Hills Golf Course in Lambton Shores, Ont., Wednesday that is said to be methane gas but there's just one problem with that - methane gas doesn't smell, at least not naturally, so what exactly was he smelling? As a precaution, a localized emergency has been put in place following the discovery and locals are asked to stay away from the area until the matter is resolved...

Deputy Mayor Doug Cook says, "It's gas, but we're not sure. It could be methane gas, but we're not exactly sure the technical name of it. There's no pipelines or anything in the area, so it's a natural gas pocket."

 Info source: london.ctvnews

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