Thursday, July 2, 2015

Americans Try Surströmming (The Smelliest Food In The World)

Sur what? Fermented herring? Ugh, we can just imagine how much it stinks! But does it taste good? Well, these guys weren't too impress as you'll see. By the way, the Swedes weren't too happy about this vid by BuzzFeedVideo, as a fermented herring expert has expressed outrage saying this was an “insult to the Swedish people and Swedish culture”. Isn't it any wonder, with such words as “sewage”, “baby diaper”, and “dead body” describing the smell upon opening...

Fermented herring expert Ruben Madsen is incensed.
“Never, ever should surströmming be served like that,” he told The Local.
“It must always be stored in a cool environment. If it is stored in a warm place, then the lactic acid destroys the proteins and there is no fish left inside the can. In the film, there's just a mess inside.”
All this, he says, is explained clearly on the label of the can in English. - thelocal.se

Info source: thelocal.se

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