Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter

Talk about WRAP music! After previously watching a mock vid of a tortilla playing on top of a record player, (see 2nd vid), Rapture Records wanted to see if they could actually make a playable tortilla and play it did. This one, appropriately, to the tune of "The Mexican Hat Dance" also known as "Jarabe Tapatío"...

He edited the audio from the song and saved it as a .wav file then converted it into a PDF. Using a 40W Epilog Laser Cutter on loan from Fab Lab in San Diego, he used this PDF to cut grooves into a 9-inch uncooked flour tortilla. He then burnt a hole in the centre for the tortilla to fit onto a Numark PT-01 and played it at 78rpm.

Info source: dailymail
You can check out more how it was done over at instructables.

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