Wednesday, July 29, 2015

China: Mother's Final Moments Captured After Saving Son From Escalator Disaster

Warning: Disturbing Images

After reaching the top of an escalator, 30-year-old Xiang Liujuan was killed after she fell through a gap that suddenly opened up and swallowed her at a department store in Jingzhou city, Hubei province in China. 

She was with her two-year-old son at the time but she managed to push her son up to safety with the aide of shopping assistants and surveillance footage captured the entire moments on camera. 

The young boy looked on as his mother was tragically pulled into the machinery. Xiang was reportedly shopping at the mall with her husband at the time, but he had not yet made it to the elevator on the fifth floor.

Damaged escalator after the incident | Source

The woman’s family wants to spread awareness of this tragedy and to the mall’s escalator safety by publicizing this story.

“Facing the loss of a lively human being, our whole family is shocked and unable to react,” her sister-in-law wrote in a blog post. “We don’t know how to save all the proof about my brother’s wife’s suffering, so what we can do is to count on the media to record what happened.”

Incidentally, there have been other escalator malfunctions in China in the last few years:

Plus two other more recent incidences in shopping malls according to CNN:

  • In southwestern Guangxi province, a toddler’s left hand and arm were caught in a gap of an escalator on Monday after he tripped and fell at the bottom, firefighters told local media. He suffered multiple trauma, including a fractured arm, and was hospitalized.
  • In Beijing, a boy’s foot was stuck in an escalator at a shopping mall on Sunday, according to People’s Daily. He was rescued by firefighters within half an hour and appeared only slightly injured, witnesses told the newspaper.

After taking four hours to rescue Xiang, she was pronounced dead. Loose screws on the footplate were allegedly unsecured and staff found out minutes before the disaster that the escalator was malfunctioning yet no actions were taken to examine it  – or stop it entirely.

Source(s): shanghaiist | buzzfeed | cnn

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