Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Frankenstein Meat: The Slab Of Beef Appears To Pulsate On Its Own

This slab of pulsating beef is freaking everyone out, but is it enough to make you go Vegan? You can't get any fresher than this from your local butcher shop as this slab of meat from a cow shows...

It's still got a 'heartbeat'! Woman horrified to find slab of beef was PULSATING after it was taken home from the butcher. Ms Cheng had bought the cut of beef in Shandong in eastern China. She said the steak looked like it was 'still alive' and filmed the movements. Experts say the spasms were caused by nerve endings that had not died. The disturbing 20-second clip has amassed 11 million clicks on Weibo.


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