Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Willie and Twinkle (Snoppen & Snippan) - The Swedish Penis & Vagina Cartoon

A 'cute' vid perhaps some of you parents out there with 3-12 year olds can use? This prancing genitals vid caused some furious parents from Sweden to lash out on its Facebook page when the vid first came out, while others such as this one mom, thought it was a “Great song about the most natural thing possible.” 
You decide ... after watching the 2nd vid...

SVT Info source: theguardian

The above vid wasn't the only one causing some controversy. This one below (with subtitles), called Puberty, a new program on the Norwegian state-funded channel NRK, shows, among other things, tv presenter, Line Jansrud, showing how to French kiss using a tomato...


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