Thursday, September 3, 2015

Los Angeles Police Hand Out Body Cameras to First Patrol Division

Forget dash cams. Now there's body cams. Los Angeles will become the largest U.S. city to have its police officers wearing body cameras as a way to gain the public's trust when it comes to dealing with police officers - capturing any possible police misconducts - although police aren't required to release the footage. The LAPD also stated they won't even show the tape publicly unless they become part of a court proceeding. Good idea or not?? We couldn't help but add this comment left by a user on YouTube:

Here are the first stories you will read. "camera battery malfunctioned", " camera malfunctioned", " Officer feared for his life and just plain forgot to turn on the camera", "terrorist tampered with camera", " camera fell off and broke when terrorist struck defenseless officer". "we would love to release the footage but don't want to embarrass anyone". "we would love to release the footage but the case is under investigation"....and on and on and on.

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