Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Man sings to 93 year old dying wife

Aaaaw. So touching. Howard (92 years-old) is seen here at a hospice facility, singing to his dying wife Laura (93), their love song that has comforted her when he went away to fight in WWII. The two have been married for 73 years. A lot of memories have been collected here. Laura has macular degeneration and can barely see and Howard lost most of his hearing and could hardly stand, but that didn't stop her from staring into his eyes and him standing up to sing to her. Granddaughter Erin Solari, captured this very touching moment...

The song used in the video is “You’ll Never Know” performed by Rosemary Clooney with Harry James. Our family prefers this version because everyone always said Grandma had a voice just like Rosemary Clooney.
After posting this video to Facebook, it began to go viral and all the outpouring of love lifted everyone's spirits... including Grandma's! They originally gave her just a week to live, but hospice eventually deemed her well enough to go back home to live out her remaining few days. As of this posting my beautiful Grandma Laura Virginia is still with us resting peacefully at home. Our family along with the wonderful people from hospice are taking care of her and making sure she remains as pain-free and comfortable as possible while she prepares for her nearing departure. We all thank you so much for the love and kind words.

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