Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Viewers Are Entranced By the Lovely Albanian TV Anchor Woman's Uh... Beautiful Eyes?

Enki Bracaj apparently did some screen tests for the Albanian Zharr TV channel and immediately got the job. Maybe it's those beautiful eyes? Enki has been since been suspended - for wanting to do a Playboy shoot...

Nudity and even topless bathing are still taboo in conservative Albania, where some 60 per cent of the population are Muslim. TV station boss Ismet Drishti, who was looking for someone a bit different to present his new news programme said she was currently suspended over the issue and he was trying to talk her out of the shoot. He said: 'I told her she should concentrate on the journalism and her studies and told her to not go ahead and do this photoshoot. We are still negotiating how we might get round the problem.'

Info source(s): sputniknews | dailymail

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