Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bikini Baby: Mother Spends Over $40+ Grand on Her Pageant Baby - And Proud of it!

How does she afford it all? And make up on a toddler already? We can't even say, 'as long as the child is happy' cause she's just too young to even grasp what's really going on. We can only hope this turns out well, for everyone's sake...

A SINGLE mum has spent over £20,000 on her 22-month-old pouting pageant baby – and says she is proud to excessively spoil her daughter. Carer Jas Sullivan, 23, has splashed out on £15,000 worth of designer clothes for her only child Minnie-Beau. And among the traditional Spanish frills and sophisticated furs sit an array of flamboyant beauty pageant costumes – including a corset-style dress and a ruffled two-piece bikini. Now Minnie-Beau is making a name for herself on the beauty pageant scene with her trademark pout setting her apart from her rivals. The dainty tot is dripping in £1,000 worth of gold jewellery and has hair extensions and a full face of make-up applied before every stage appearance.

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