Friday, October 2, 2015

Test Driving Tesla's Model X. It's Everything You Want it to be - and More...

That's an SUV? Most definitely won't have the price of one. Wait till you see Tesla's latest. Chris, from The Verge, had an opportunity to test drive Tesla's Model X, the supercar that's an all-electric SUV that drives like a sports car. 
Just the way the doors open alone was impressive but we're most interested in the "bioweapon defense mode" it comes with, you know, to protect us from bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other pollutants from entering the vehicle...  

According to Vox:

... the Model X has sports car pricing to go with its sports car acceleration. On Tuesday, Musk unveiled a 90D model for $132,000, a P90D model with a "Ludicrous Speed" acceleration mode for $142,000. A tweet from Musk indicates that "lower cost versions" are "coming later."
Tesla will be targeting the same class of wealthy customers that bought the company's previous models, the Roadster and the Model S. If you want to own a Tesla car and you're not rich, you'll likely need to wait until 2017. That's when Tesla claims it will release the Model 3, an electric car that normal people will be able to afford.

Source: vox

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