Friday, October 30, 2015

The Incredible $10,000 Plane Car

Ok. We're not sure if we're liking this at all. It kinda looks hideous but hey, if you got the money honey, do what you want! We'll give a few points for originality...

QUIRKY car designer Mark Ray is flying high on America's roads - driving a converted light aeroplane. The 56-year-old was the brains behind the Plane Car, a fusion of a 2003 Cirrus SR22 and a Chevrolet Tracker - costing $10,000 (£6,500). Mark, of Atlanta, Georgia, who owns a paper shredding company, was already turning heads in a homemade Boat Car, which made headlines earlier this year. But his daughter Brianna, 17, thought he was getting bored with it and encouraged him to start a new project. It took five months to build with from Steve West of Flex-Fab, Mike Rivera of Rivera's Upholstery and Brandon Geddings of Controlled Motors.

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