Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Footage of 101 year old woman jumping out of car to make snowball goes viral

Bless her heart! What a beautiful moment captured by a son which just goes to show you, everyone is young at heart and you're never too old to stop and enjoy life's simplest things which we often take for granted. The video of Albina Foisy has reached nearly eight million views on Facebook since it was posted, because this heartwarming video of a 101-year-old woman playing in the snow is making everyone's day...

Facebook user Armand Foisy says he filmed proof “that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live a 100 years.” Armand Foisy lives in Lillooet with his wife and his mom Albina, who turned 101 on Oct. 6.

Armand says his mom lived on her own until she was 100 and now lives with them, but still takes care of herself.

“When you’re 101 the wheels start to fall off, but not mentally,” says Armand. “That’s the amazing thing about her. Her strength and her joy of living is not diminished one iota. She laughs at everything, she’s so giving.”

Info source: independent

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