Thursday, January 28, 2016

McDonald's Chocolate Fries

So have you heard about the new McDonald's CHOCOLATE fries yet? We'd say only in Japan, which it is but there's a reason for their madness other than it being just another Japanese thing. Apparently, slumping sales are to blame. According to usatoday, the largest burger chain in the nation, is closing restaurants, lowering prices and rolling out new — and some odd — menu items to stop years of plummeting sales and declining popularity - partly to be blamed on the shrinking population of their younger generation.  Let's hope these chocolate fries will do the trick! 

If not, they can always do like those funny Australian radio dudes did in the second vid below and make EVERYTHING covered in chocolate - mcnuggets, burgers and all!...

McDonald's Chocolate Fries, or as they're know in Japan, McChoco Potato, have just come out. Here's how they taste!

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