Monday, January 11, 2016

Russian Woman Lights car on fire at gas station

It appears to us she was using the lighter to see how much fuel was in the tank, but what the hell do we know about Russian women drivers. Anyhow, let's hope everything turned out ok since the dashcam filming the footage drove off in hurry once things really started heating up...

Ah Russia. Land of cold weather, bears, and crazy dashcam footage. This clip comes to us from the Siberian city of Surgut, according to the UK's Daily Mail. A woman pumping gas in front of this intrepid videographer inexplicably put a lighter next to her gas tank as she filled it.
Perhaps something was frozen solid? Surgut isn't exactly a tropical paradise. In fact, the high temperatures in Surgut for the last week didn't reach above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, no matter how cold it is, putting an exposed flame near fuel is a big no-no.

Info source: autoblog

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