Monday, February 8, 2016

Cracked plan: ‘Frozen’ lake swallows up parked cars on Lake Geneva

C'mon. We can understand one or two cars but 10 or more??  Thankfully, no lives were lost and those who lost their cars stuck around to watch the US National Snow Sculpting Competition at Winterfest. Maybe Princess Elsa could sculpt them a new car?

Ten vehicles were deemed a total loss. © doggydaddy9 / Instagram | Source: rt

The Iceman cometh to the US city of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin on Saturday - and he took a few vehicles with him.

Visitors to the Winterfest in the resort town near Chicago decided to ignore warnings and park on what they thought was a frozen lake. One of the owners Laurie Oberhelman told WDJT:

"We were coming in and there were a lot of cars and not a lot of parking spots, and we looked and I said oh look there's plenty of cars parked on the lake. People park on the lake all the time from what I understand so let's do it. It was a bad choice."

The cars were removed by the local fire department with 10 of the 15 cars deemed a total loss.
Good luck claiming that off your insurance

"Fortunately it's only a property issue right now, and nobody was injured or in the vehicles when they started to submerge. So it's a bad day, but a good day at the same time," Lieutenant Ed Gritzner told WDJT.

Source: rt

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