Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Haunting Underwater Sculptures Combine Art & Conservation

Interesting. Contemporary art - underwater. Can you imagine swimming through this? Something to leave not only for future generations, say 1000 years from now, to remember us by but also serve as a place for living biological organisms...

THIS is one museum you can’t just drop into on your lunch break - because it’s UNDERWATER. Europe’s first subaquatic museum, located off the coast of Lanzarote, is the work of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor. Accessible only to snorkelers, divers and sea life, the museum uses human sculptures as a way to generate awareness about the loss of ecosystems and the risks the ocean is currently facing. Submerged between 12 and 15 meters under the Atlantic Ocean in the Las Coloradas bay in Lanzarote, one of Jason’s main aims is for the sculptures to increase the “marine biomass” by acting as a breeding site for local species in the area.

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