Monday, February 15, 2016

Mini Cliffhanger: Our 2-year-old Started Climbing Before Walking

Wow. She even seems to be developing muscles already... at 2 years-old! Check out this mini cliffhanger/mountain climber from Arizona...

FEARLESS Ellie Farmer proves age is nothing but a number as she scales walls as high as 30ft - despite being only TWO years old. The talented tot, from Flagstaff, Arizona, regularly climbs at the gym with her parents without the use of a harness or safety ropes - and even has a climbing wall in her own room. Dubbed the ‘little zen monkey’ by parents Zak and Rachael, Ellie began climbing before she could walk - frequently escaping from her crib as a baby. Mum Rachael and dad Zak decided to film one of Ellie’s climbs just to show it to friends and family - however the footage made the fearless toddler an overnight Internet sensation and even landed her a chance to show off her skills on the Ellen show in the States.

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