Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Daughter Double: $58,000 Surgery To Become My Child's Twin

At first we couldn't tell who was the mother and who was the daughter. Could you? And would you go this far to look just like your child???...

WITH their peroxide blonde locks, svelte size eight figures and stunning youthful looks, these two women are often mistaken for sisters. But 57-year-old Janet Horrocks has spent £40,000 and endured extensive cosmetic surgery to look like her 35-year-old daughter Jane Cunliffe. Janet’s extensive beauty regime includes regular Botox and fillers to keep up with her only daughter – much to Jane’s disdain. For whilst Janet is adamant that she will never give up in her quest for eternal youth, Jane is firmly anti-surgery and fears that one day she will look older than her plastic-obsessed mum.

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