Monday, March 21, 2016

Woman mysteriously 'disappears' during a live TV interview

Wow. Talk about perfect timing. We've watched the video over and over again and the woman seemed to have literally disappeared right before our very eyes...

A video clip from Danish TV2 sport went viral thanks to a “mystery girl” who vanished into thin air in front of the cameras. Even the girl herself can’t say for sure what happened.

In an interview with the coach for Denmark women's national handball team Klavs Bruun Jørgensen, it's the background that is the real interest: there, a woman disappears out of shot in a blink of the eye after another woman obscures here from view. The footage was aired live and there is no evidence it had been edited, media say.

First shown on Monday, the video went viral during the week and was reposted by numerous media outlets. The web community put their heads together in an effort to solve the puzzling event.

Posted on Imgur, the video managed to collect over 9 million views and had garnered nearly 1,500 comments on Reddit by the weekend. Whereas many remain puzzled, some believe they have found clues solid enough to unravel the mysterious disappearance.

The most popular comments say another female obscured the girl as they both move out of shot. “That's some serious precision, but you can barely see her disappear behind the other girl, almost unnoticeable,” CygniGlide user writes on Imgur.

Many cling to the idea, saying the woman didn’t disappear without a trace: her shadow can be seen on the floor, and her head and hair are just noticeable when the footage is examined frame by frame.

Source: rt

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