Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cop Light Bling | Hot Line Bling Nova Scotia RCMP-style

Lol. You go RCMPs! They're trying to make a point here people. That's all that counts, so... ♫you know when these cop light bling, that can only mean one thing♫...

Nova Scotia RCMP's music video, ‘Cop Light Bling’, promotes awareness of Nova Scotia’s ‘Move Over’ law. The goal of the video is to highlight Nova Scotia’s An Act to Increase Safety for First Responders and Others, commonly known as the ‘Move Over’ law.

After coming into effect on May 1, 2010, the law makes it an offence to drive faster than 60 km/h or the posted speed limit (whichever is the lesser of the two) when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights flashing. Motorists also must change to the lane farthest from the stopped emergency vehicle, if that lane is free and it is safe to do so.

Thank you for slowing down and moving over!

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