Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Couple Caught Having Sex in Barcelona Train Station

What can we say? Some people just can't wait to get-it-on before they get on... the train. Get a room already! This is what you call your modern exhibitionists. There are many videos of this drama circulating around. We'll just choose the video further below,  for now... 

Exactly what it looks like (Picture: La Vanguardia) | Source

A busy tube station may not be most people’s idea of a great place to have sex, but it worked for this couple. They were filmed having full intercourse on a bench normally reserved for commuters at a Barcelona Metro station in the early hours of Sunday morning. In a graphic video, the two can be seen discarding their trousers on the ground to have sex in front of everyone who happened to walk by.  

(WARNING: Graphic footage)

Tony bely
Source: metro

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