Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dramatic Aerial Footage Shows Burning Wooden Railway Bridge In Canada

According to the Telegraph, Canadian police have opened an investigation into the cause of the fire which later destroyed the bridge...

The train trestle near Mayerthorpe Alberta, Canada, caught fire April 26 2016. Filmed from the cockpit of a Pipistrel Virus SW aircraft
This trestle has been standing since the early 1900's. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.
Water bombers were dispatched from Whitecourt (CYZU) airport, as the fire spread from the structure to the surrounding vegetation, approximately 30 minutes after this film was shot.
This trestle connects the Alberta industrial towns of Blueridge and Whitecourt to the rest of the Canadian rail system. It is used mainly to transport bulk Lumber products, bulk gravel, and petroleum products. It will definitely take a strong effort to re-connect the rail system in a timely manner to serve the communities once again by rail.
The "Little Paddle" river runs under the destroyed trestle, and can occasionally flood heavily.
Filmed by Jonas Boll, and his son Ryan Boll (depending on which window the camera was pointed out of)

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