Saturday, April 23, 2016

Raining Humvees! Military vehicles plummet in failed US airdrop drill

© Michael Dalder / Reuters | Source


It was raining Humvees last week when a US Army training exercise at Hohenfels military base in Germany went wrong. Three military vehicles detached from their parachute systems and crashed violently to the ground.

 An airborne drill at Hohenfels – the main headquarters of the US Army’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center – went wrong when C-130 Hercules tactical airlifters began to put HMMWV (Humvee) military off-roaders on the ground.

 As a result, three improperly-fastened vehicles became three heaps of deformed metal.

“The 173rd Airborne Brigade forgot how to Airborne,” says website US Army WTF Moments, which posted the video of the Humvees falling like stones from the sky.

 Air insertion of military hardware is a tough job technically, as the airdropped vehicles are supposed to land safely and enter into action immediately after.

Source: rt

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