Thursday, May 26, 2016

Futuristic straddling bus allows cars running underneath

Cost less than subway systems? Reduces air pollution?  Eases up traffic jams and tail gases? Could it be possible? Just imagine driving THROUGH this bus - while it's driving through you. Freakeh! We've discovered an old video from 2010 about this straddling bus, so although it may be new to us now, the concept was already in the making way back when...

The design of electric "straddling buses" lets cars drive underneath them, and can help reduce air pollution. Also known as land airbus, the new invention is less costly than subway systems.

Youzhou Song (bus designer) presents a giant bus that drive over cars translated into English and with English caption subtitle. China will build some huge buses that will allow smaller cars to pass by under them in order to relief urban traffic.

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