Monday, May 16, 2016

Juvenile bat squeaks while being tickled.

Aaaw. Even bats like to be caressed, or in this case, tickled - who knew! Too adorable. We still can't get over the fact that it's a bat!...

This is Jeddah. He loves to be tickled and scratched. Look at that blissful face. I usually clip my videos quite short when it's all one behaviour being shown, but this bliss went on and on and I just couldn't bring myself to deprive you of any of the lengthy joy. 
I particularly loved the yawny and sniffy bits about half way through. And I love the curl of the tongue as he yawns.

This bat was not releasable due to injuries. He is in care with a vaccinated and licensed bat carer. This bat is not a pet. He's a baby hand raised for release. He is used to being handled. He actively solicits attention and cuddles. 

There have been suggestions that this bat is terrified and the squeaks are not cute. This bat is in bliss and is able to get away from the carer at any time. He is choosing to be stroked. He solicits attention.

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