Thursday, May 5, 2016

Man Painting Fence - The Strangely Satisfying 3-min UK Ad That's Got Everyone Talking

A three minute ad?? No way. Who has time for a 3-min ad? Better yet, who WATCHES a 3-min ad? Apparently many. It's a 3-min TV ad for a British wood stain, Ronseal One Coat Fence Life, which shows a man painting a fence in a quiet neighbourhood - and it has got people going crazy, some referring to it as "oddly mesmerizing". Just watch and see if you can turn away. Oh, and just in case you need to see the finished results, check out video #2 - which is even longer!...

At Ronseal we're famous for our straight-talking approach. And no ads are as straight-talking as our #RonsealAdBreak takeover.

The phenomenon is called Slow TV. In an age of speed and multiple flashing images, often layered or inserted over each other, the idea of “slow” is gaining popularity. Simply point a camera and let an event play out in its entirety.

Love the #RonsealAdBreak takeover so much, you wished it carried on and on? Then you're in luck. Here's our man carrying on and finishing off the job. And what a finish.

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