Monday, May 9, 2016

Pregnant And Pumping Iron: Fitness Instructor Deadlifts 205lbs

Holy! It's all baby and no fat for this mom from North Carolina seen here dead-lifting 205 lbs! And since she's a fitness instructor it means she's been doing this BEFORE she got pregnant so we guess mother AND baby should be fine...

A PREGNANT weightlifter is continuing her gruelling crossfit regime just days before her due date. Emily Breeze Watson is currently deadlifting 205lb weights – and could go into labour at any time. The super-strong mum-to-be, who is in the final stages of her first pregnancy, practices crossfit - a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and intensive cardio – six days a week. The 31-year-old has the full support of her husband, Martell Watson, a fellow weightlifter and fitness fanatic, and now she is encouraging other expectant mothers to stay active during pregnancy – despite heavy criticism. Emily, from North Carolina, America, has faced backlash online by strangers who say she is harming her unborn baby, but the fitness instructor rubbishes the claims and says she has never felt stronger and healthier.

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