Monday, June 6, 2016

Nanaimo, British Columbia Car Bee Swarm 2016

Amazingly, no one suffered any stings. We read last week about a swarm of bees that gathered on a tractor trailer in Mississauga, Ontario (see video further below), and now this? What is going on? Great video capture by the way...

This took place Friday morning June 3rd 2016 in the parking lot outside Value Village in South Nanaimo. Shout out to Cali and Mike: Bee keepers for coming to the rescue to provide a new home for these bees. It was not clear if the queen was inside the vehicle during my time observing this scene but she very well could have been, based on the way they were reacting and swarming the car. I'll leave it to the real news to update the ending of this story.

The vehicles’s owner Susan Angus told the Nanaimo Daily Bulletin she saw the swarm and said “why me? ” Mark Schiling, an executive member of the Nanaimo Beekeepers Club said he was dealing with a colony of bees that had taken up residence in a house when he got the call.

“What I heard is the swarm started to settle on two cars side-by-side in the parking lot,” he said. “One of them, the owner just had to go, so she just drove away…

There’s a good chance she drove away with the queen,” he said. Source: canadajournal

A tractor-trailer in Mississauga took on an unexpected load when a swarm of passing honeybees stuck themselves to its cab. Peel Regional Police said the big rig was parked when the bees moved in Sunday afternoon, covering the cab’s bumper and part of its windshield.

Source: globalnews

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