Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pixee Fox Faces Family After More Extreme Surgery: HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Is that miss Pixee?? Yup! She's baaaaaaaack! This gal was naturally gorgeous before all the plastic/cosmetic surgery...

Surgery-obsessed ‘living cartoon’ Pixee Fox has undergone even more extreme plastic surgery procedures - and finally shown them off to her shocked family. The glamour model is just 26 years old but has already had more than 100 cosmetic procedures and radical surgeries including famously having six ribs removed. She has also changed the colour of her eyes, had several boob jobs and most recently pumped up her butt and lips with a fat transfer in pursuit of becoming a real Barbie. But her pursuit of plastic perfection and jet-set lifestyle is in stark contrast to her roots, growing up in a rural part of Gavle, Sweden, living with her conservative parents and older sister.

Barcroft TV

Pixee Fox BEFORE Surgery:


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