Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dad Takes 4-year-old On Her FIRST AEROBATIC FLIGHT. Reaction: PRICELESS

Dad, Raphael Langumier, captured this vid of his 4-year-old daughter, Lea's 'giggly' reaction on her first aerobatic flight. Where most would be terrified, Lea was giggling all the way! The vid which has now gone viral, was taken near Montreal in Quebec, Canada...

It’s little surprise that Lea is a natural flyer. Not only is her father the president of his own aviation company in Quebec, but her mother was working as a flight attendant while pregnant with Lea.
She made her first flight at the age of two, but had never tasted the thrill of aerobatics until, a few months ago, she told her father she was ready for her first stunt flight.
Raphael prepared her for the flight by taking her in his arms and simulating the stomach-churning twists and turns.
"I wanted to make sure she wouldn't panic in the air," Langumier told CBC News Montreal.
"But I really just wanted to make sure it would be a pleasant experience for her."
Raphael needn’t have worried. Even as he brings the plane in to land, Lea yells “Encore!”
“Next time,” he assures her. - home.bt

Video credit: Storyful

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