Thursday, June 4, 2015

Intense Motivational Speech Viral Video by Shia LaBeouf Is Popping Up in Our Favourite Movies

It all started with this video of Shia LaBeouf - standing in front of a green screen and yelling at us to JUST DO IT! 

“Don't let your dreams be dreams, yesterday, you said tomorrow, so JUST DO IT!” It made for one a great motivational speech which has since gone viral with over 5M views.

It is one of many scenes for a video art project in collaboration with Central Saint Martins Fine Art students in the UK, where 150 of them were invited to write a script for Shia to perform on camera. According to The Guardian, the assignment was as follows:

...submit a piece of text lasting up to 30 seconds or no more than 100 words. This can be as poetic, abstract or literal as you like – with the emphasis on expressing the feeling and tone of the work being introduced.

The reason for the green screen was so that the students could add whatever they wanted behind Shia. In fact, the uncut performance was also uploaded on Vimeo with the green screen for anyone to use as it was released under a Creative Commons licence. The motivational speech scene went viral and has found its way into some of our favourite movies, among other things:

Star Wars

The Avengers, The Dark Knight, and More

2001: A Space Odyssey

Info Source: moviepilot

And here's one more.  Harry Potter's Death Eaters anyone?


Have you had enough motivation now?

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