Friday, July 24, 2015

Brothers Save Hammerhead Shark Destin, FL 2015

"That was awesome," you could hear one kid saying in the background. Yes it was. Brave boys! The younger of two brothers named Logan, helped an injured hammerhead shark to shore at  Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, Florida Monday, to remove two hooks and a lure from its mouth, and he did like he has done it all his life...

Logan says it was a wave of adrenaline that came over him, looking out for his mother also in the water.
"... Everyone else was freaking out so it was hard to bring him in. But once people started realizing we were trying to help it, some of the other guys around were all crowding around it and trying to help it."
Both brothers say they've received praise from people who witnessed the event.
Logan says the shark did not appear to have any other injuries after the hooks are lure were removed and it swam away. - wptv

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