Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fire in Cajon Pass Shuts Down 15 Freeway + DRONES Near WildFires ARE NOT ALLOWED!

A lot of vids (and tweets) coming out on the Cajon Pass fire on Interstate 15 Freeway in San Bernardino County, California which started on Friday and is now a 3,500-acre brush fire that's been moving rapidly across the area, damaging several homes and threatening about 50 others after jumping the Freeway. 

The fire forced the closure of part of the major highway and multiple vehicles were destroyed. 50 to 75 vehicles were said to be left abandoned on the freeway... 


Drones have forced the landing of planes deployed to fight the so-called North Fire, so much so that San Bernardino’s fire department had to tweet out a poster from the US Forest Service reminding drone operators not to fly near firefighting operations.

According to nbclosangeles:

All air units not only pulled back from the fire because of the drones, but all five were forced to touch back down at the airport in San Bernardino after jettisoning their loads, John Miller of the U.S. Forest Service said.

"It can kill our firefighters in the air ... They can strike one of these things and one of our aircraft could go down, killing the firefighters in the air. This is serious to us. It is a serious, not only life threat, not only to our firefighters in the air, but when we look at the vehicles that were overrun by fire, it was definitely a life-safety threat to the motorists on Interstate 15," said John Miller of U.S. Forest Service.

Five drones were initially spotted over the fire, which consumed five homes and more than a dozen cars as motorists frantically fled on foot through the Cajon Pass.

Two drones actually gave chase to air units, and the incident delayed response by about 15 to 20 minutes, according to Battalion Chief Marc Peebles of San Bernardino County Fire Department. 

When asked if the delay contributed to the fire jumping the 15 Freeway, Peebles said “It definitely contributed to it.”

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