Friday, September 11, 2015

Badass Pilot Buys Own Fighter Jet | AARP

He bought a Russian Yak-3 fighter aircraft? Cool! Great mini-documentary about Art Nalls, the retired United States Marine Corps officer, test pilot, and entrepreneur -  and his British Sea Harrier fighter jet. According to Nalls, his Sea Harrier XZ439 is the world’s first privately-owned and flown Harrier of any kind. In 2014, he acquired a two-seat Harrier that is the world’s only flyable civilian Harrier trainer aircraft...

Art Nalls has had a life long dedication to flying. His addiction to the sky has lead him to an honorable military career and an even more adventurous retirement. Nalls has had the unique opportunity to purchase his own British Harrier Jump Jet. Find out how this retired Lt. Col test pilot uses his passion for flight to help preserve military history with the maintenance and upkeep of the last three remaining Sea Harriers.

Info source: wikipedia

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